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Veteran Owned and Operated Company

Veteran Owned and Operated Company


Window perf and window decals made in Joliet, Illinois

Window perf and window stickers made in Joliet

Window signs and window decals made in Joliet

Get great prices from Top 5 Percent, LLC on the design and installation of your window graphics. It doesn't matter if it's an automobile or storefront window, Top 5%, LLC can handle it. The particular window perf product used for these windows was designed for production of see through graphics for windows. What's nice about this window sign material is that it blocks some of the sunlight that shines through. If your office desk sits next to a large window you know how difficult it can be to see with the glare of the sunlight shining into your eyes and we're not going to mention the heat that can be generated from these large windows. This sign material will allow you to see out of your windows, while outside window decal viewers can barely see inside your office. Also, it blocks some of the sun's heat, so you won't feel as though you're under a magnifier while you're working. Open area is approximately 30% with a hole size of .060 inches (1.5 mm). Recommended for use on flat vertical vehicle windows or commercial store windows. In use this product is applied to the exterior glass surface.

Window stickers and window decals for doors Joliet, Illinois

What good is an office door if there's no signage to let people know who's operating from within? Contact Top 5 Percent, LLC so that we can give your office doors the makeover they need. Allow us to design and install your custom window decals and window stickers. The window sign material we used for these doors are meant for long term application, 5 years and up. It's a very versatile material and comes in matte or gloss finish. This vinyl window decal was installed on interior doors, but the same material can be used outdoors as well. It displays an excellent degree of opaqueness and comes with a permanent solvent polyacrylate adhesive to allow for indoor and outdoor durability.

Window clings and window decal made right here in Joliet

When we mention clings we're not talking about the static cling you get in your clothes. We're talking about window clings or sometimes referred to as "window decals." The material we use is made from a thin vinyl film that has the ability to cling to a number of different surfaces. Window clings are traditionally applied to windows and doors. However, they can be applied to a smooth plastic or metal finish as well. The window cling decals we use come in white or clear and requires no messy adhesive to be applied. We have the ability to print high quality full color graphics on either. Custom die-cut shapes can also be created if requested. What's wonderful about our clear window decal is that it can be printed in reverse or right reading. This gives our customers the option of having their window signage viewed from the outside in or from the inside out. Unlike most window stickers which are not repositionable, another bonus you get when utilizing window clings is the fact that they are repositionable. You can easily remove and place them on another window if you don't like the current location. For more information about our window stickers just click on the sticker link above.

Car Window Decal and Window Sticker Joliet, Illinois

We can apply window decals or window perf material (mentioned above) to vehicles as well. Top 5 Percent, LLC can place a 100% opacity (none-see thru) window decal on your vehicle or we can apply a 50/50 view-thru window perf vinyl material (recommended for vehicle window graphics). The benefits of having window perf installed on your vehicle is that it allows you to utilize more advertising space to the body. It also retains your ability to see through the windows while you're driving. We can place full color window graphics on the outside of your vehicle windows for people to see without blocking your view. Give us a call or stop into our shop to find out more about our window signage offerings.

Call (815) 349-8600 or submit details about your window decal or window cling!

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