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Spirit Wear and Fan Wear | School Tshirts | Joliet | Top 5 Percent
Veteran Owned and Operated Company

Veteran Owned and Operated Company


Spiritwear and Fanwear clothes for schools in joliet and abroad.

Spirit Wear and Fan Wear builds your enthusiasm, shows your support and makes you look good while doing it. It means that you have pride in something and you want to show it. Top 5% can help you do just that. Whether you’re representing a school, football team, basketball team, baseball team, soccer team, dance team, cheer team, event or organization. You get the picture. We can help you create and achieve the perfect personalized look to stand out from the rest. We offer a wide variety of styles and specialty materials to choose from. In fact, every player in each sport has at least one practice garment and a set of spirit wear representing their team or school and that player most likely has an entire cheer section both on and off the field to show the world who they’re cheering for. That’s where we come in.

Custom Spiritwear and Fanwear hoodies for schools in plainfield.

Anything goes, use glitter, metallic sheens, foil, flock, rhinestones or any other stand out material and colors you choose. Let your imagination take over. Whether you’re in the stands or in the streets, decorate to make sure you are noticed everywhere you go by letting the garment do the cheering.

Spiritwear and Fanwear joggers for team sports


  • • Distressed Finishes
  • • Unique placements
  • • Heathered Performance Wear
  • • Design Through Pocketed Shirts
  • • Oversized Jerseys
  • • Leg To Leg Pant Prints
  • • Tone-On-Tone Metallic
  • • Varsity Style Sweatshirts
  • • Wrap Arounds
  • • Big, Bold Athletic Prints

Try starting a trend of your own. You can add logos, mascots, names, numbers and more to t-shirts, sweatshirts, uniforms, hoodies, jerseys, caps, bags you name it.

Now that we've talked about apparel, let's talk accessories. We know that wearing Fanwear and Spiritwear shows that you have team spirit and for the fans and teams alike it gives them a feeling of camaraderie which is why Top 5 Percent offers a wide variety of fan gear that can be used to support your favorite team, group or individual that can be used to generate additonal revenue for our partners.

Fan Gear pennants in joliet and the United States

Pennants - These commemorative flags are great for showing support for your team. They are very popular with schools, sporting events, and more. Choose from a list of colored pennants, add your school name, mascot or both to your pennant and start cheering on your favorite team.

Stickers and Decals Fan Gear for joliet and the United States.

Decals - One of our most popular programs is our decal fundaraising program. This program involves providing personalized decals that can be applied to a variety of products including vehicle windows, wall decor, laptop stickers and a host of other items. Not only can we provide vinyl decals, but we can also provide rhinestone decals. Our rhinestone decals are really impressive and adds flare to any vehicle it's applied to. The combination of decals and apparel are sure to make a big impression on your rivals.

Fan Gear spirit towels in joliet and United States

Spirit Towels - Start waving your fan towels at your next game. Throw off a basketball player attempting to shoot a free-throw by waving your towel. Get your team hyped up by waving your spirit towel right before a critical play. They are lightweight, foldable, come in many different colors and they can be tucked away inside of your pocket or purse. Customize your spirit towel with the type and graphics of your choice.

Joliet Spirit Gear drawstring bags and totes in United States

Drawstring Bags and Tote Bags - Our bags come in a variety of colors and can be personalized to fit your needs. These are definitely highly sought after great fan wear items that allow supporters to carry items while at the same time showcase support by displaying their custom type and graphics on their bags.

This is just a small sample of what Top 5% can do for you. We have many more items to choose from. We would love to meet with you to discuss in detail more about our spirit wear, fan wear and accessory options.


Are you tired of selling candy, chocolate bars, pies, magazines and wrapping paper? Then it’s time to give your students, parents and staff something they can actually use more than just once. The most effective way to raise money for your group is a fundraiser. Fundraising with Top 5 Percent, LLC is fun and easy. You can sell custom fan merchandise without the hassle of inventory, order taking or risk. We can create an online spirit wear and fan wear web store specifically for your group or event. Fundraising Spiritwear and Fanwear for shools in Joliet and the United States.We do not charge any setup or design fees to get you started. We keep our prices low to help you achieve the maximum amount of financial return from your fundraising efforts. Your web store can be designed to provide you with separate categories for user-friendly search. Basketball uniforms can be on it's own page, swimming uniforms can be on it's on page, etc. etc. You get it! We apply the K.I.S.S. method when creating your spiritwear and fanwear web store. You might be wondering what is the K.I.S.S. method? It stands for "Keep It Simple Stupid." This means we go the extra mile to make your web store as user-friendly as possible for anyone that decides to visit and make a purchase. Again, our goal is to help you reach your fundraising goals and in order to accomplish that we cannot have frustrated buyers leaving because they couldn't find an item or didn't understand how to complete an order. We're also interested in hearing about any fundraising ideas you may have.

What are your waiting for? Let's get together so we can raise some money!

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