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Family Reunion Shirts | Class Reunion T-Shirts | Joliet, Illinois
Veteran Owned and Operated Company

Veteran Owned and Operated Company


Picture of a Family Reunion Shirt that was made in Joliet Illinois

Get togethers can leave some of the most memorable moments that people just never forget. Whether it's uncle Bob overseasoning the meat or grandma telling her most precious stories to the younger generation, it's those memories you don't want to lose. The same memories apply when it comes to the custom tees that were worn at that absolutely wonderful special occasion.

Photo of Family reunion tshir  ts made in joliet illinois by Top 5 Percent, LLC

Family reunion shirts, as well as class reunion tshirts can show your school or family's ancestral pride. At Top 5 Percent, LLC we take special care when designing and producing group shirts. We want every person to look unified and to wear their garments with pride. The artwork is custom sized to fit on the different sizes of shirts ordered by our customers. Top 5% doesn't just place the same sized logo on every shirt, as many companies will do. We custom taylor our graphics to fit the size of the shirt to be worn by that individual.

Photograph of Medina Family Reunion Shirt made in Joliet by Top 5 Percent

As you can see, we offer a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from. Many of our customers ask for black tshirts. In our experience we've discovered that they request for black tees initially because either they're not aware of other options or because they assume colors other than black tees will be considered custom colored shirts and will cost them more and that's not the case. We invite customers to expand their thoughts on colors, while putting their minds at ease by offering them other colors at the same, if not lower price. This offering of information allow our customers to concentrate more on what shirt, color and design would represent their family the best. It's the uniqueness of a family reunion shirt that makes it memorable enough to withstand the test of time.

Class reunion shirts are never going away. As many of us grow older, we still think back on the wonderul times we shared together with friends from high school and college. For most people, the only time you get to see them is at the class reunion and that ususally occurs every couple of years, depending on the planner. However, when that time does come around that old school spirit kicks in. Why not display your school pride with class reunion tee. Let the world know who's school is the best, who had the greatest graduation class or what mascot is the toughest. In other words, have fun with it. Top 5%, LLC can design a shirt that would definietly be memorable, have quality and get your message across. Our shirts are made to wear more than just once. We come up with stylish designs that allow reunion particpants to rock their shirts on any given day, not just on the day of the event. Check out this Schurz shirt we designed for their class. Would you wear this shirt more than once? I know you would, so why not get started by contacting us at 815-349-8600 or visiting us at the address below.

Class Reunion tshirt made by Top 5 Percent, LLC in Joliet, Illinois

QUICK-START TEMPLATES - One of the things we've decided to do was assist our customers by creating preset templates for them to choose from. We have plenty of Family and Class Reunion templates. You can also request for slight modifications to the templates to suit your personal likes and needs. When you walk through our door or visit our website we want to make the process of coming up with a design idea as pain free as possible. View the class and family reunion tshirt templates below. Take note of the template number, then call, email or visit us and we'll take care of the rest.

What are your waiting for? Let's get together so we can get started!

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