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Veteran Owned and Operated Company

Veteran Owned and Operated Company


Vehicle magnets and custom magnets by Top 5 Percent, LLC in Joliet, Illinois

Magnets are great for marketing your company or service. The best thing about magnets is that you have the ability to remove and apply it whenever you want. There are many businesses that use their very own personal automobiles for business and for personal use. During your personal time wouldn't it be great not to have to ride around with a permanent sign on your vehicle? You can easily remove your sign during your non-business hours and place it back on your vehicle when it's time to go to work. Just give your vehicle a quick wipe down where the sign is going to be placed and apply it.

Custom magnets and realtor magnets for refridgerator in Joliet, Illinois

Our company, Top 5%, LLC (Top 5 Percent, LLC) can provide you with magnets for indoor and outdoor use, big or small. Not only can we provide you with various size options, we can also provide you with various printing options as well. If you're looking for full color photographic like images on your magnetic sign we can provide that service. Top 5% can produce high quality full color digitally printed magnetic signs at many different sizes. If your sign will be primarily used outdoors we have to ability to protect your printed image by professionally applying a protective laminate over it. This application will greatly extend the life of your printed image.

Another option we provide for magnetic signs are vinyl cut signs. These signs will have a durable vinly applied to the magnet. These vinyl image magnets are long lasting and can be cost efficient for the budget conscious individual or business. Vinyl signs can be just a beautiful and creative as full color digitally printed magnetic signs. Our Top 5% team would be happy to assist you with any design ideas you may have.

Custom cut magnets are a Top 5% specialty service that we can offer to our customers. Let's assume you're a realtor and we know that the real estate market is very competitive. You may be looking to promote your service by using magnetic signs, but would like yours to stand out from the competition. We can produce a custom cut magnet in the shape of a house, chimney and all, instead of the traditional square shaped sign everyone else displays. Here's another example of how we can set you apart from your competition. What if you own a bakery that specializes in cupcakes and there just happens to be a few other bakeries operating within your area? Business magnets and custom magnets for automobiles in Joliet, Illinois

Top 5 Percent, LLC can make your cupcake sign stand out by custom-cutting a magnet in the shape of a cupcake printed with a beautiful image layered on top. Your vehicle magnet will definitely be an eye catcher. You can be as creative as you want to be. Top 5% is here to help you with your marketing goals.

They say size matters, but what about thickness? Some companies believe that one thickness works for all, but we know that's not true. We provide magnets of varying thicknesses depending on the use. If you're going to utilize truck magnet on a windy day you want to make sure it doesn't blow off as soon as you pick up speed. We recommend the use of a thicker / stronger magnet that is able to withstand the wind speeds that automobiles can produce while traveling. If you or your clients are going to be using your magnets indoors, odds are you're not going to need a super strong / thick magnet. In those instances, we would recommend the proper material for your specific use.

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